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In a digital world where online security is paramount, Coshine 3D Secure Solution is your ultimate safeguard. With advanced authentication and a seamless user experience, we've fortified your online transactions. Enjoy peace of mind as you shop, knowing that your online purchases are shielded by an extra layer of protection. Trust in our 3D Secure Solution to redefine your online security experience.



Widely Certified

Support the latest 3DS version of all card schemes.

ACS For Issuing

RBA rule to decide Challenge or Frictionless. Provide OTP/ OOB solution.

3DS For Acquiring

Initiate 3DS authentication to avoid fraud risk for merchants. Provide online/ mobile solutions

How Coshine 3DS Supports

Product Structure

As a reputable global technology leader, Coshine 3D Secure Solution offers customers cost-efficiency and complete solution.

Flexible Installation

Flexible Deployment to Fit Your Business


Scalable and accessible

License Software

On-premise or in private / public cloud


Cloud and on-premise in one

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More Functions

Enhanced Security

Swift and Secure Transaction Approval and Processing.

User-Friendly Experience

Intuitive and seamless user experience.

Global Acceptance

Ensuring customers can shop securely anywhere in the world.

Merchant Benefits

Additional protection, reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions,

Free consultation for your business

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