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Coshine Card Issuing Service presents an all-in-one solution for the creation, customization, and management of cards, ensuring exceptional ease of use and security. Whether you're a financial institution aiming to issue debit and credit cards or a business intending to distribute your own branded prepaid cards, our platform simplifies the process, granting you full control.

Our system is tailored to accommondate the evolving needs of the financial sector. Partner with us for your card management and step into the future marked by convenience, flexibility, and innovation.

Key Features


Global Network Compliance

Complying with local and global schemes and networks, as well as issuers and card manufacturers.

Integration & API Support

Seamless integration with other systems and open APIs for scalability and innovation.

Diverse Card Types

Support Physical / Virtual Cards, Mobile Payments, E-Wallets, and Wearable devices

Flexible Card Configurations

Design, manage, and operate secure cards with accuracy, tailored to your precise requirements.

Ease Of Customization

Our services are easy to customize to meet your present and perspective needs.

Robust Security Measures

Advanced security features and real-time monitoring for fraud prevention.

How To Supports Card Issuing

Product Structure

As a reputable global technology leader, Coshine Card Issuing Service provides customers with cost-efficient, modular, and API-enabled systems that smoothly adapt to cloud-native settings.

Credit Card

Enhance your customers' payment flexibility, providing them with more payment options. Easily to configure cards to meet their preferences.

- Streamline the design, launch, and management of credit cards all in a single platform.
- Effortlessly scale and upgrade your products as needed.
- Utilize natively built APIs to seamlessly integrate your cards with existing systems.

Debit Card

Deliver seamless payment experiences for your customers through physical, virtual, and tokenized debit cards. Establish rules and analyze transaction data to identify spending trends and uncover new opportunities.

- Open accounts and distribute cards with strong security measures in position.
- Set transaction limits, facilitate ATM access, and simplify payments.
- Utilize data-driven insights to enhance your customers' overall experience.

Prepaid Card

Assist your customers to manage their budgets while effortlessly topping up extra funds. Instantly issue prepaid cards, whether for single or multi uses, to make spending easy.

- Issue both single- and multi-use prepaid cards swiftly.
- Effortlessly integrate them into digital wallets for enhanced usability.
- Keep track of your cards' activity through real-time data monitoring.

Value-Added Service

Value-Added Service

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Card Manufacture

Token Service


More Support Modules

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