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Discover the power of streamlined transactions and enhanced payment capabilities with Coshine's comprehensive Merchant Payment Portal services. Our commitment to innovation and security ensures that your business stays at the forefront of the digital payment landscape. Explore the key services we offer:

Payment Integration Type

Services We Provide

Hosted Payment

- Hosted Checkout Page
- Hosted Payment Session
- PayLink

Direct Payment

- API Integration
- SDK(Android/iOS/Web)
- QR Payment (Instore & Online)

Merchant & Acquirer API

- Self-Onboarding & Management
- Report & Statistic


- Fraud Detect
- Authentication (EMV 3DS)
- Value-add Feature

How Merchant Portal Solution Supports


We go beyond the transaction, offering a suite of features designed to enhance your payment experience.

Enhanced Features

Key Features


Own Token

- Securely store payment details
- Reduce PCI compliance cost
- Token store can be shared

Card Scheme Token

- Visa VTS
- Mastercard M4M
- UPI Token


- Supports multiple PSPs, acquirers, multiple or single merchants
- APIs for fast & easy integration
- Certified products with all major card networks
- Offered as a service hosted in PCI DSS and PCI 3DSS certified data centers
- Highly available, secure, scalable hosting infrastructure with multiple redundant internet

Other Services

Other Services

Notification & Alert Services

- Transaction Notification
- Alert Notification

Report Services

- via Service Portal
- via API
- via SFTP

Risk & Fraud Control

- Blacklist / Whitelist
- Cross & Plausibility Checking
- Device Fingerprint
- AVS / CVC Support
- External Risk Integration

Merchant Settlement & Reserve

- Commission & Settlement
- Fees
- Reserve

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