Streamlining Payments for a Seamless Future

In the dynamic landscape of financial transactions, EastPay®️ emerges as a all-inclusive solution, offering a suite of cutting-edge products designed to revolutionize the payment ecosystem. With a commitment to efficiency, security, and innovation, EastPay®️ provides three groups of products—EastPay®️ Issuer, EastPay®️ Acquirer, and EastPay®️ Switch.

EastPay® Issuer


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EastPay® Acquirer


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EastPay® Switch


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SaaS Advantages

Why SaaS

We commit to serving our global clients to reach new heights as we are undergoing a pivotal evolution, transitioning into a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

  • Mature Payment Ecosystem

    • Our system is already connected with card schemes, so client only needs card schemes’ membership to launch business.

    • We have internal and external risk-control tools for client to choose without extra system integration.

    • Clients don’t need to take efforts to apply for the certificates we’ve obtained such as PCI-DSS, PCI-3DS, PCI-PIN, etc.

  • Low Start-up Cost

    Our fee module is “pay as you use”, so the start-up cost is much lower than self-build system from both finance and time perspectives.

  • Simplified IT Process

    • We’ll be responsible for system maintenance and upgrade (e.g. card shemems’ routine semi-annual upgrades).

  • Flexible Management

    • Client could make flexbile combinations of our services based on variable business requirements.

    • We also have customized project team to respond clients’ requirements any time.

  • Efficient Operation

    • Our highly integrated and automated features can facilitate customers to improve work efficiency and reduce manual operations.

  • High Security

    • We’re compliant with top security standards in the payment industry including data encryption, access control, backup, and recovery.

SaaS Features

Seamlessly Align With Diverse Clientele.

Event Management

Foundation of operational monitoring Management
Provide mechanisms for early detection of events

Incident Managment

Regain normal service operation as soon as possible
Minimize the adverse effects on business operations

Problem Response

Minimize the adverse impact of the business from events and problems caused by errors
Proactively prevent the (re) occurrence of events, problems, and errors

Safety & Sustainability

Implementation and audit management of information security management
Periodic / irregular system upgrades to maintain compliance
Business continuity plan and regular disaster recovery

SaaS Services

Services We Provide

7 * 24 Hours support

Network & Hardware services

Upgrade & compliance manage

Monitoring & alert

Business promotion & service

Service level report

Security administration

Business continuity management

Disaster backup & recovery