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  • Time

    15-17 Nov 2023

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    MAS, Elevandi, and Constellar

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    Coshine News

Coshine Software Actively Participates in the 2023 Singapore FinTech Festival

Deeply Exploring the Future Development of Financial Technology

The '2023 Singapore FinTech Festival' one of the most influential financial technology events globally, has grandly opened in Singapore. The event is co-hosted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Elevandi, and Constellar Exhibitions Pte Ltd, with the supporting collaboration of the Association of Banks in Singapore. As a leading card issuer, acquirer, payment gateway, and risk management payment processor, Coshine Software actively participated in this global financial technology event.

The FinTech Festival spans three days and includes five specially curated zones and seven forums. Key figures from global financial institutions, business leaders, investors, policymakers, academics, and technology experts gathered to collectively explore the future development opportunities of financial technology. The theme, 'The Application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Financial Services' focuses on the development and application of AI, as well as its potential applications in financial services. The aim is to promote the widespread application of innovative technologies in the financial sector and advance the upgrade of financial infrastructure.

Global heavyweight guests convened at the Singapore FinTech Festival, including the President of Singapore, the Director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the President of the World Bank, the Managing Director of the IMF, the CEO of DBS Bank, the Chairman of Ant Group, the Vice President of Tencent, and others. They actively participated in high-level speeches and discussions to collectively explore the future trends of financial technology.

Coshine Software, a provider of payment solutions, offers products that cater to both the issuing and acquiring aspects of transactions. As a recognized entity in the financial sector, Coshine Software took an active role in the event, demonstrating its strong competencies in the field of payment solutions. At the FinTech Festival, the company engaged in comprehensive discussions with potential clients, local card organizations, and financial institutions, with a special emphasis on the growth of the Southeast Asian financial market. With two decades of experience in the payment industry, Coshine Software held detailed conversations with peers in card issuing, acquiring, payment gateway, and risk management. The aim was to understand how to merge this expertise with the specific conditions of the Singaporean and Southeast Asian markets, thereby bringing more innovative and transformative power to the local fintech sector.

Strengthening collaboration with local financial institutions, Coshine Software's products and services have comprehensively covered top banks, third-party payments, financial technology companies, and other institutions globally. By participating in the Singapore FinTech Festival, Coshine Software seeks to enhance its collaboration and dialogue with local financial entities, jointly investigating development prospects and contributing significantly to the sustainable growth of fintech. Through this FinTech event, Coshine Software is eager to exchange insights and intensify collaborations with global financial sector leaders, collaboratively molding the future of fintech.