Coshine news release / Q3 2019

This quarter topics: Russian National Scheme acceptance in China / Choosing 3DS 2.0 / Cooperation with Mastercard / 3D Secure 2.0 / Debit card System in Macao / NCB China going live / Getting closer with ADA Group / Payment Gateway upgraded / Following the ApplePay in CIS / ICE Africa 2019

Russian National Scheme acceptance in China

Shanghai Coshine Software Co.,Ltd assists the cross-border business of Harbin bank (06138.HK), both parties have reached a package of cooperation agreements. The Russian National Scheme Mir (NSPK) will be accepted in China.

The Russian National Scheme Mir (NSPK) is a Russian national card organization founded in 2014. After several years of rapid development, more than 95% of domestic card issuing Banks in Russia have issued credit and debit card with Mir logo, with the total number of cards issued exceeding 60 million, occupying the largest share of the payment market in Russia. In the context of the close relationship between China and Russia and the rapid development of bilateral economy, Mir(NSPK) thinks that China will be the most important expansion area.

MIR in China

Harbin bank continues to expand its foreign card acquiring and cross-border business to maintain a leading position in China. Harbin bank has been in a leading position in the business of currency exchange and clearing (Rouble clearing business) market and signed a cooperation agreement with Mir (NSPK).Since 2014, Coshine has been the most important technical service partner for Harbin bank's cross-border business and foreign card acquiring business. In the second half of 2018, Coshine started to contact with Mir (NSPK) to evaluate the technical feasibility of Mir (NSPK) entering the Chinese mainland market. The three parties have signed a cooperation agreement under which Coshine will provide the completed technical solution to help Mir (NSPK) and Harbin bank achieve their business plan quickly . The system will be launched in December 2019, then Mir Card can be accepted in the Chinese mainland.

In addition, Harbin bank also signed a package of cooperation agreements with Coshine on functional development, system upgrades and performance tuning, including a real-time currency exchange project, 3DS2.0 upgrade and transformation, risk control platform upgrade and system platform upgrade and optimization (including card organization upgrade, statement optimization and gateway interface optimization, etc.).

3DS 2.0

Choosing 3DS 2.0

Jilin JiuTai bank (06122.HK) foreign card acquiring business is developing quickly, JiuTai bank has chosen Coshine’s 3DS 2.0 solution.
Jilin jiutai bank ( has successfully launched the foreign card acquiring business system which is in cooperating with Coshine and has passed a series of verification work organized by the Card Scheme. At present, the business is developing smoothly. In less than three months, the daily transaction amount has increased from zero to more than 5 million RMB (USD 800K) , and is still growing rapidly. Jiutai bank pays great attentions to the security and compliance of transactions and has carefully selected the 3DS2.0 product with the leading 3D2.0 solution from Coshine.

Coshine as the first payment solution provider to provide complete 3DS2.0 products portfolio and services and to get EMV Co certification (please inquiry through, Coshine can provides 3DSds2.0 consultantcy , product implementation, operation outsourcing and other related services.

Cooperation with Mastercard

Shanghai Coshine Software Co., Ltd has signed series service agreements with MasterCard, to provide consultant and technical support services.

Coshine has signed a package of formal service contracts with MasterCard, this including technical support for MPGS expansion in China and a series of consulting services. Mastercard recognized the value of Coshine’s deep know-how to payment business, as well as its comprehensive accumulation in technology and solutions, and MasterCard will use of the technical resources of Coshine to realize its business expansion goal in China.

Debit card System in Macao

Coshine has signed contract with Macao Development Bank,to provide business consultant services and issuing solution of UPI (Union Pay International) debit card.

Coshine has signed contract with Macao Development Bank, to provide business consultant services and issuing solution of UPI debit card. The system will go live before end of 2019.

NCB China going live

The system of NCB China debit card issuing which is provided by Coshine, has gone live in August 2019.

After serious evaluation of NCB China team, NCB has decided to select Coshine to provide an advanced payment solution. Coshine has built a debit card issuing system for NCB China, which system went live at beginning of August 2019. NCB will use this solution, to support their issuing business of debit cards,virtual cards, etc.

Teaming up with ADA group

Getting closer with ADA Group

Coshine has agreed a a cooperation intention with ADA Group in Bangladesh, to develop Bangladesh payment market together.

ADA Group is a multinational company founded by the Chinese and developed in Bangladesh for many years. ADA Group has a strong influence in banking, telecommunications, retail, education and other industries in Bangladesh, and has been helping world class products from China to expand in Bangladesh.

Recently, ADA Group has agreed a cooperation intention with Coshine. Coshine will cooperate in the telecommunications and banking industries. .Both parties will attempt to migrate advanced payments, loans, and other products from China to Bangladesh, for Banks, telecommunications operators, merchants and Bangladesh people providing services, to accelerate the Bangladesh social digitization process, to simplify convenient financial services act of Bangladesh, helping Bangladesh companies related to the people to reduce costs and improve profit.

Payment Gateway upgraded

Coshine improves its supports to provide a white label payment gateway product, supporting local deployments and a white-label on-premise or cloud implementation. At the same time, Coshine has optimized EastPay products to provide operation & management platform with richer functions and more convenient management. It also supports applications of mobile phones, tablets PC and desktops, so as to improve the end to end operations and management capabilities of Banks, PSP and merchants.

Coshine is growing with market and customers’ requirements, and have invested their own intellectual property product portfolio persistently. The EastPay payment gateway product not only seamlessly integrates with the EastPay 3DS suite, but also updates the risk control subsystem accordingly. EastPay payment gateway is a unified and omni-channel payment platform that supports mobile payment, online payment and POS payment, QR payment and HCE/NFC payment. It provides bank card and account payment, DCC, bill payment business and other value-added services.

Coshine pays great attention to R&D, Coshine guarantees to invest more than 20% of its revenue into R&D annually. In Q3 of 2019, Coshine has finished the front-end framework upgrade for operation and management platform of EastPay product portfolio, and has provided a set of cross-platform (mobile phone, tablet PC, desktop) system. The operation management ability of all aspects of the solution has been greatly improved through user-self-defined workflow, flexibly defined statistical analysis tools, and efficient and convenient UI configuration.

Following the ApplePay in CIS

Coshine has initiated discussions with CIS region top banks in regards to their recent ApplePay solution enablements.

In recent time, several Central Asian markets have been enabled to use the ApplePay mobile payments solution. This led towards huge NFC payments development era, where most of large scale banks have decided to enter the contactless payments “game”by adding this functionality to their existing infrastructures or connecting to SaaS platforms. This region was never strong in terms of mobile payments, what makes all developments slow and complex. Coshine has approached several banks with proposal to ensure their NFC payments solution will be reliable and standardized to global requirements.

NFC Payments

Coshine approaches market with the following solutions:
Apple Pay
Android Pay
Issuer Wallet Pay. This solution is capable to be built independently from brands and additional expenses caused by usage of branded solutions. Solution is being built into the Banks existing mobile App, making it more convenient for end users to operate inside one App and provide Bank with more information on customers location, purchasing habits and loyalty interaction opportunities.

ICE Africa 2019

For several days Coshine company representative has been attending the largest South African eGaming conference which unites largest eCommerce players in one place.

Once again, ICE Africa conference has been organized and held in South African Johannesburg – conference uniting leading ePayments and eGaming market players. Coshine has been attending the event with aim to unveal possible requirements and needs of this fields companies in order to help them process and secure payments. Payment Service Providers (PSP’s) meet at the conference highly evaluated Coshines experience and indeep involvement into the payments field. We are looking forward for the follow up discussions and customer decisions towards possibility of implementing our solutions, such as:
• Card Issuing
• 3D Secure 2.0
• Fraud Management